Diversified solid wood furniture style attracts post-80s consumer groups

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Diversified style of solid wood furniture attracts post-80s consumer groups

Diversified style of solid wood furniture attracts post-80s consumer groups

Speaking of solid wood furniture, it will remind people of the thick, expensive, simple and other words, of course, will not be associated with the young, fashion, personality of the 80s. But recently, when I visited, I unexpectedly found that solid wood furniture also began to take a "diversified route". After 80, it gradually became a group of emerging solid wood furniture consumer groups.

Material style, diversified function design, humanized

Today, with the growing mix of styles, there are more and more ways to incorporate traditional elements into modern styles, often with fabrics, stone, leather, stainless steel, etc., and the effect is often refreshing. When I visited the Bohai Furniture Museum, I found that the solid wood furniture added a lot of fresh materials as a match. For example, the sofa armrest and the frame are solid wood structure, the backrest and the cushion are sponge fillers, and the fabric is made of linen and other fabrics to increase the texture of the sofa. . The head of the federal furniture told reporters that many young people like the environmental protection of solid wood, but the overall solid wood sofa is too dull and uncomfortable. The sofa of the federal furniture is just in line with the needs of young people, and the style Also more lively.

The author found a lot of young people in a furniture exhibition hall. They all said that many solid wood furniture combined with the curved shape of the panel furniture, coupled with natural log texture and humanized arc corner design. The color is also bolder, and its aesthetic charm and cultural connotation are vividly displayed.

The author has learned that many solid wood furniture brands have made great adjustments in comfort and functionality. The person in charge of Jianwei Humanity Furniture stated that Jianwei's solid wood furniture has always followed ergonomics. Starting from each process, it sets up precise dimensions and angles that meet the needs of the human body, satisfying the comfortable state of natural relaxation between people.

Environmental protection, parity into the mainstream of the market

Environmental protection has always been the biggest advantage of solid wood furniture. Many consumers said that the problem of air pollution is getting more and more attention today. It costs more money to buy health. While the solid wood furniture is taking the “young” route, the price has also taken the “close to the people” route. The person in charge of Yilida Furniture Huanhai Store introduced that the price of solid wood furniture was high in the past, mainly because the price of raw materials was high. Now many wood products used by solid wood furniture brands are mostly eucalyptus, eucalyptus, sea eucalyptus, etc., which are relatively cheap. It is sturdy, impact resistant and easy to bend under steam. It is a very good raw material for solid wood furniture.

In order to reduce the price, some furniture will also be combined with wood and wood, so that a few thousand yuan can buy a whole set of bedroom furniture. For the change of the price of solid wood furniture, many young consumers agree, and some consumers have suggested that if the new solid wood furniture can guarantee the quality and manufacturing process of wood based on the price drop, it will definitely win a larger consumer market.

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