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In 2012, the Bohai Sea Home Center fully explored the furniture field and introduced a large number of first-line furniture brands at home and abroad, which greatly enriched the Jinmen furniture category, including a large number of excellent solid wood furniture brands. As the Bohai Sea Home Furnishing Center of the 20th Tianjin International Trade Fair Building Materials Branch, during the Tianjin Fair, the international famous furniture exhibition was launched to showcase all kinds of famous furniture, fully explain the home culture, and join hands with the Tianjin Furniture Industry Association. Organized the “Wooden Culture Knowledge Forum” to explain how to choose high-quality, healthy and environmentally-friendly solid wood furniture and other consumer hot issues. The site not only has solid wood furniture raw materials display, but also well-known experts in the industry explain the solid wood culture on-site, let consumers deeply understand the solid wood, and then understand the home culture, clearly understand the consumption.

Correct understanding of solid wood furniture

To understand solid wood furniture, we must first understand the types of solid wood furniture. The solid wood furniture often mentioned is divided into three types: solid wood furniture, solid wood furniture, and solid wood veneer furniture.

All solid wood furniture refers to all the solid wood sawn timber and solid wood panels except the back panel and the bead of the mirror. The main components are required to be the same, the materials are free from defects, and the manufacturing process is relatively complicated. Professional solid wood furniture means that the main components of the furniture are solid wood sawn timber and solid wood panels, and the surface is not covered with surface materials. Solid wood veneer furniture is a piece of solid wood veneer or thin veneer on the surface of solid wood sawn timber and solid wood board. The solid wood sawn timber and solid wood board used in this kind of furniture have more defects, or the material is not uniform and the color difference Larger, inconsistent wood grain and other issues.

Smart to buy solid wood furniture

When purchasing solid wood furniture, we must start from the following aspects: materials, structure, technology, function, color, environmental protection, cost performance and texts attached to the furniture.

How to distinguish solid wood and wood-based panel materials? The expert teacher taught the consumer a simple method: “Look at the wood grain”, the wood grain on the front, the end face and the back has certain rules and characteristics; the “two listens” sound, the solid wood plate sounds thick and clear; Smell, the solid wood furniture has no pungent odor, and the wood-based panel furniture, especially the low-grade wood-based panel material, has a pungent and spicy feeling.

Experts pointed out that “many people often neglect to ask for the accompanying written materials when purchasing furniture. The national standard GB/T3324-2008 “General Technical Conditions for Wood Furniture” promulgated in 2008 stipulates that furniture products must have clear signs and The instruction manual has various important indicators of the product, which is extremely important for the purchaser. Of course, there are many points to pay attention to when purchasing solid wood furniture. If you can't remember, just remember one sentence, 'shopping brand furniture. '."

Care for solid wood furniture

I bought my favorite solid wood furniture, and how to maintain it has become a big thing. Experts tell us that the maintenance of wooden furniture is divided into two parts: the maintenance of the external paint film and the maintenance of the internal quality.

The most commonly used paint for wood furniture is polyester paint. The paint film is flexible, wear-resistant, wash-resistant, corrosion-resistant and strong. It is cleaned with a soft dry and damp cloth to wipe dust and small stains. You can wash it with soapy water. Unsaturated resin paints should be protected against gravity bumps and impacts. Nitrocellulose paint should prevent sharp objects from scratching the paint film and do not place overheated cups.

In addition, it should be noted that solid wood furniture is in an environment that is too humid or too dry for a long time. It will expand and deform after damp, and will cause loose structure after shrinking. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent excessive moisture in furniture and prevent dehydration caused by prolonged wind and sun exposure. Cracked.

To learn more about solid wood furniture brands and solid wood culture, please contact us at the Bohai Sea Home Center.


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