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In order to pursue the personalization and fashion of home decoration, many consumers often start to purchase a large number of furniture and soft decorations after the renovation of the new home foundation. The decoration style is constantly refurbished. This is a good thing, but it is not a good dress. But it will make your home life more and more out of place.

So, how to be a qualified home buyer in the face of numerous home products? Let's listen to the advice of experts from IKEA IKEA, Yuandu Home Exchange, and Guangdong Star Art Decoration.

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Develop an purchase plan to define the price range

Buying a home product can't be bothersome. Make sure to plan ahead before buying. This is one of the best ways to help consumers save money in home improvement and purchase materials. IKEA home designer told reporters that before buying a home, consumers can make a list according to the designer's decoration plan in advance, and classify the furniture style, approximate price range, color, style and style that will be used. Then go to the store to compare purchases, don't buy products that are not suitable for you because of cheapness.

Nowadays, with the innovation of technology, many brands have also launched functional home products, such as furniture that can emit environmental factors such as negative ions, and the introduction of far infrared or bed with various elements. To purchase these new products, you must be prepared for “adventure”, especially to understand the performance of these new products. If possible, you should first communicate with the designers or consumers who have used these products, and increase the product in advance. Understanding, weigh the pros and cons in all directions.

The nature of the ancestors

Nowadays, many consumers are blindly pursuing a certain style, introducing elements that are incompatible with their own cultural beliefs into their homes, making new houses look good, but they are very inconvenient to use, and they lose the essence of using home products to decorate and use them. A misunderstanding. Li Hongmei, director of Guangdong Xingyi Market, said that whether it is decoration or when purchasing home products, it should follow the principle of “personality and personality”. The choice should be to take the essence, to ruin, and to restore the living products of the living.

In fact, the ultimate goal of home purchase and placement is to create a comfortable, practical, safe, healthy and beautiful indoor environment. Therefore, the first consideration should be to meet the requirements of the use of functions, in addition to meet the physical and psychological enjoyment of vision, hearing, touch and so on. Many consumers pay too much attention to price factors. Although many of them are very good household products, the price has blinded the most real needs of consumers. Whether they need to buy them all, they finally find that their own home life concept is not Matching, or even incompatibility at all, will result in economic waste and will bring trouble to consumers. Therefore, rational purchase is the real qualified home buyer.

Home soft decoration space should set off against each other

Leave space for the space, add the background environment of the owner, set off with furniture, furnishings, soft decoration, greening, etc., and the overall positioning of the home products and the uniform purchase of the whole style, can truly create a "comfortable and unified" living environment. . According to the designer of Yuandu Home, at present, many consumers buy all kinds of household products according to their own preferences, often found after purchase, without complete sets, or unable to set off each other. Therefore, before purchasing a product, it is necessary to communicate with the designer, or choose the overall soft design of the professional to serve the consumer, the choice of home products should be integrated with the design style, and set off each other.

In addition to furniture, home soft decoration also includes some decorative fabrics, such as carpets, curtains, fabric sofas, etc. It is a special decorative material that can reflect the cultural connotation. A good home buyer should not ignore the soft decoration part. It can fully reflect the "personalized" side of home decoration, let the home products soft and hard, and match the home space, in order to make the whole home atmosphere look harmonious.

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Online shopping has risks to buy big brands

At the moment, not only the cabinet industry, the entire home building materials industry is yelling to “electric shock”, but the “last mile” service of online shopping home is still the biggest hurdle that needs to be taken.

In the sale of cabinet brands on the Internet, there are certain restrictions. First, usually, sales and after-sales services are only for “designated cities”, that is, brands and stores in cities and regions where online shopping is located. Secondly, because cabinet products are customized products, they still need Contact the designer to go home for on-site measurement, and after measuring the single item into the production process, the consumer can not refund, and does not participate in the 7-day package return service of Taobao standard products. Therefore, whether it is possible to smoothly move the cabinet home all the way, and to ensure after-sales, this requires consumers to polish their eyes and pick out good brands, and the most unpredictable of these is to select the well-known big brands that are currently available. With less worries, online shopping consumption has achieved a real "how fast and better".

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