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Model: HYXD-500KWS temperature control humidity cabinet unique performance characteristics: 1 ??? using high-precision original imported humidity control probe made in Switzerland, annual drift of 3 ‰, no need to correct for life. 2 ??? Fast speed, high humidity control accuracy, long-term work drift is small, high stability, and wide range of humidity control. 3 ?? The key core components are original imported parts or brand products of domestic famous brand manufacturers. 4 ?? The high-temperature heating element is installed in isolation, which will not cause damage to surrounding objects or workers. 5 Dehumidification system adopts Huayu modern exclusive technology-has a national invention technology and multiple structural new technology patents: application number: 201220603922.8; 201210460096.0; connotation dehumidification system, dehumidification system, regeneration system, regeneration system; each system Under the unified command of the microcomputer control system, coordinated and uninterrupted injection of dry air into the cabinet, so as to ensure that the internal environment of the cabinet is controlled within the requirements set by the customer.

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