Classification of sofas and how to choose a good sofa?

The sofa is not only comfortable, but also tasteful and perfect. Gujia craft, Chivas CHEERS, Milo, left and right, etc., these brands of sofas are some of the brands that the public likes, you can compare, combined with the layout and style of the room, choose the brand that suits you.

The types of sofas are divided according to style:

1, according to the shape of the sofa can be divided into classical sofas and modern sofas.

2, according to the jacket material of the sofa can be divided into fabric sofa, leather sofa and leather cloth combined sofa.

3, according to the style of the sofa can be divided into Chinese sofa, European sofa, Korean sofa, American sofa and so on.

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In order to ensure the quality of the sofa, we can pay attention to the following aspects.

(1) The frame of the sofa should be a blinking structure, which cannot be connected with nails; the structure should be firm and there should be no looseness, otherwise the paint color of components such as the service life of the sofa will be seriously coordinated with the indoor environment.

(2) The fabric of the sofa should be neat and undamaged, and the stitching pattern should be complete without obvious color difference. The welt should be smooth and straight, and the pitch of the foam should be basically equal and neat. The paint film on the exposed wooden parts of the sofa should be smooth and even in color. Multi-layer curved wood sofas should be checked for open defects.

(3) The shape of the sofa should be beautiful and elegant, the leather should be soft; the color of the fabric and the wooden handrail.

(4) The internal structure of the sofa should be reasonable, and no decaying or insect-mosquito wood should be used. Wood moisture content is generally 12%. Can't exceed 13%. The spring should be rust-proofed, the gasket material should be safe and hygienic, and the old material and the moldy material should not be used.

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(5) The functional size of the sofa should be reasonable. The width of the front seat should be greater than or equal to 480 mm, the height of the seat should be 360 ​​mm to 420 mm, and the height of the handrail should be 250 mm.

(6) The sofa should be pressed by hand without any obvious depression. There should be no friction and impact between the springs. The foam of the sofa cushion or backrest should reach a density of 22 kg to 25 kg per cubic meter, and the hand should not be too soft.

(7) Remember to see if the manufacturer has a factory inspection or quality inspection certificate.

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