The home environment of pregnant women is very important.

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] said that women in October pregnant, it is the Queen of October, but who knows the "Queen" hard work? Pregnant women are tired and happy. The healthy birth of the baby is the greatest wish of the parents. In the long October, the home environment has a great impact on the pregnant woman and the fetus. So, how should pregnant women's families layout their home environment? Today, Xiaobian will come with moms!

Home culture

The house that has been living for a long time will become harmonious with the gas field of people and houses. At this time, if you change a new house, your own gas field and the new house itself will have a process of adaptation. If the gas field of the house is not in harmony with the gas field of the pregnant woman, the people living in the house may be in trouble, and there will be physical discomfort, unsatisfactory work, bad fortune, and frequent conflicts between husband and wife. For pregnant women, the affected fetus is the fetus in the abdomen, and pregnant women are prone to miscarriage. During the pregnancy of a woman, it is best not to carry out renovations, earthmoving, renovation of the kitchen stove, and not to easily change the room or move the bed. In addition, the room of the pregnant woman must maintain air circulation, open the window to change the air, let the sun shine into the room, do not stay in the closed air-conditioned room for a long time because of the hot summer weather.

The bed rest for pregnant women to rest and sleep is also a key point to pay attention to. Generally speaking, keep the bottom of the bed clean and tidy. If there is a certain amount of space at the bottom of the bed, be careful not to put clean clothes and bedding, or to place worn clothes, sundries or other strange items, especially metal sharps, tool boxes and toys. If there is any debris at the bottom of the bed, you need to move the bed to move away. It is best to choose a day and move the bed and remove the sundries when the pregnant woman is out, so as not to adversely affect the fetus.

In addition, this year's southwestern side is a prosperous position, and the east is a festive place, which can focus on the two orientations of the family and the room. Place the aquatic plants or water-moving devices in the southwest to strengthen the gas field, which is conducive to the birth of BB. In the East, green, such as green carpets and green ornaments, encourages the fetus to make the fetus healthier and smarter. But you can't put too many green plants, otherwise the yin is too heavy to be good for your health, and the fish tanks can't be placed.

Many people like to put mascots in their homes as decorations, or as a way to avoid murder. The mascots can't be randomly placed. If you put the wrong things or misplace them, you will be self-defeating, especially if you have pregnant women at home. Be more careful when using mascots or decorations.

For pregnant women, suitable decorations are mainly simple, bright and pleasant pictures and photos, such as beautiful landscape paintings, landscape pictures, photos of children's smiles, taboos and murderous pictures, wall and soft. The decorative pattern is also best to be happy and happy, taboo and fierce animal patterns.

In addition, mascots such as baboons, lions, tigers, elephants, ancient swords, wind chimes and other decorative objects can have adverse effects on the fetus and are not suitable for home.

It is said that some people sitting under the beam or sleeping are not good, especially the beam above the couple's bed will affect the body and the feelings of both sides. If the wife is pregnant at this time, then be careful, such feng shui will have a very negative impact on the fetus.

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