Solid wood wardrobe insect control allows insects to be seamlessly inserted

[ Chinese wardrobe ] [Chinese wardrobe ] Many people choose solid wood when choosing a custom wardrobe . Since it is wooden furniture, it is very likely to be attacked by insects, especially accidentally being touched by the gap in rainy weather. After that, it is easy to mold and insects, so the use of solid wood wardrobes or wooden wardrobes must be prepared for pest control.

Wardrobe knowledge

Paint brushing

For some corners that have not been damaged, use the coatings such as raw tung oil, shellac or varnish to brush the surface of the wooden cabinet to isolate the mites from the air and achieve the purpose of preventing cockroaches. It should be noted that when painting, the front and back sides and the inner wall of the wooden cabinet should be evenly painted.

Liquid spray

When the wooden cabinet is damaged by insects, it can be mixed with dichlorvos and water in a ratio of 1:5, and sprayed with a sprayer to allow the liquid to penetrate into the wooden cabinet. It should be sprayed continuously for 3-5 times. After 8 hours, Can kill all aphids. After that, wash the wooden cabinet with water and dry it.

Clean and wash

On sunny days, put the wooden cabinets that have been wormed in the sun, and paint the wooden cabinets with a brush or cotton yarn and diesel. After drying for two or three hours, apply it again and then expose it to the aphid. Then wash and dry with washing powder.

Beware of termites

When wood furniture finds long worms, you have to do termite control work. Now the termite medicine is also very scientific. As long as there is a poison, it will infect the full-length termites like a virus, and the result will be killed.

Other considerations

Try not to put the solid wood furniture in a place where it is exposed to direct sunlight. It will be faded or even peeled off for a long time, while away from air conditioners and heaters. A few pots of flowers or fish tanks should be placed in the air-conditioned room to maintain indoor humidity and prevent moisture from being absorbed into the furniture. Put a layer of soft film on the furniture, gently handle it in the vertical direction, so as not to damage the furniture surface. If there is scratch on the surface, you should find a professional to repair it. The feet of the furniture should be placed with rubber pads to avoid damage when moving back and forth; do not drag or smash when moving, to avoid damage caused by uneven force on the furniture. The rags that wipe the furniture should be clean and soft, and there should be no water drops or watermarks on the furniture.

Solid wood wardrobes are more expensive in various types of wardrobes, and are also difficult to store. In ordinary furniture cleaning, we must pay special attention to disable sharp objects. Whether it is lacquer painting, liquid spray, cleaning and drying, or beware of termites, we need to keep the wardrobe care in mind, so that the use value of the wardrobe lasts longer.

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