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Are you a travel lover and enjoy listening to melodious music on the go? Are you a fashion music lover, hoping to have a stylish portable audio? Are you still struggling with high prices for high-quality mini stereos? Now, there is a surprise in front of you, whitelabel's bluetooth speaker designed for outdoor music enthusiasts to blow up the promotional assembly number, to bring multiple surprises to consumers.

From December 1st to December 7th, the whitelabel playful brand's first waterproof bluetooth Sounddew and Taobao trial center will launch a free trial event. 5 trials will be distributed free of charge at no cost to the player. ://try.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a1z0i.1000798.1000585.40.TtmCZx&id=9218044) Free trial center webpage application.

At the same time, whitelabel has a great momentum to surprise in the end, that is, during the event, all customers can participate in 199 yuan cost price trial activities, all customers who successfully purchased this waterproof Bluetooth speaker during the event period, can receive 200 yuan cash back The first 99 customers who pay within the period of the event can receive a 100-yuan universal coupon after confirming the receipt, which is equivalent to 99 yuan to buy this waterproof Bluetooth speaker, and the coupon is limited to one person each. 99 When stocks last.

Sounddew (water drop) waterproof Bluetooth audio is specially designed for outdoor sports enthusiasts who love music. It is a combination of waterproof, dustproof, anti-fall and wear-resistant. It is suitable for all kinds of sports environments. It has four cool colors, black, pink, military green, blue, are the current trend of mainstream colors, attractive fashion, the perfect combination of fashion and technology. The volume of Sounddew is only 110*88*33MM, which is equivalent to the size of an adult's palm and weighs only 126g. It is equivalent to the weight of a 4-inch smart phone. It is fashionable and lightweight, placed on a backpack or hung on clothes. All are bright colors.

In addition, Sounddew can also support any Bluetooth-enabled device, such as mobile phones, tablet computers, and laptops. The most important thing is the sound quality. It uses a dedicated acoustic driver to restore stereo sound in the field. Music, whether watching movies or listening to music, has a feeling of being on the scene.

At the end of recent years, various promotional activities have been heard. Major manufacturers have introduced the most favorable promotions to bring surprises to consumers, and consumers can also take care of themselves by the end of the carnival season. As a well-known outdoor terminal brand in China, whitelabel is the first to buzz sales promotion numbers, launch high-quality, most cost-effective products, bring the most benefits to consumers through online shopping platforms, and reach out to people in outdoor sports. What are you waiting for? !

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