Shanghai mold incubator manufacturers teach you the following matters

Shanghai mold incubator manufacturers teach you to pay attention to the following mold incubator notes:
1. During the handling of the incubator, it is forbidden to invert and lay flat more than 45 degrees.
2. When the equipment is not in use, keep the inside of the box dry and cut off the power.
3. When there is no need for lighting in the box, the lighting switch should be placed in the “off” position to avoid affecting the upper layer temperature and prolong the service life of the lamp.
4. Do not touch, touch the temperature and humidity sensor in the box, causing the temperature and humidity to be out of control.
5. Do not change the set value frequently during use, so as to avoid overload caused by frequent startup of the compressor and affect the service life of the equipment.
6. This machine is equipped with two sets of fuses. If there is a fault during operation, please cut off the power supply first, check whether the fuse is intact, and then check other parts.
7, in order to maintain the appearance of the equipment, do not wipe the appearance with a corrosive solution, the box can be wiped with a dry cloth or alcohol to keep the inside of the box clean.
8. To ensure uniform temperature inside the box, always check whether the axial fan in the box is running normally. During the experiment, do not over-extrude the contents of the box, do not block the fan outlet, and make room for the air circulation inside the box.
9. If the equipment fails, please ask the professional to repair or contact the sales department of the factory. Users should not arbitrarily dismantle.

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