What tests can be done in the constant temperature and humidity test chamber?

Constant temperature and humidity test chamber It can simulate various environmental conditions and test various products and raw materials for heat resistance, moisture resistance, dry resistance and low temperature resistance. It is suitable for printing, electronics, metal and other industries. The device can simulate high temperature, low temperature, hot and humid environment, that is, the device can do the following tests:

1) Constant temperature and humidity test chamber It has the function of closing humidity. The equipment can be tested at high temperature and low temperature.

2) It can also be used for high and low temperature test. The device can be turned into a high-precision test chamber with high precision and low temperature test.

3) The equipment can also be tested for temperature and humidity. This is also the main function of the constant temperature and humidity test chamber. The temperature and humidity test of the test items are carried out.

All of the above are the customers who came to our production base to inspect the constant temperature and humidity test chamber some time ago. Some customers asked what tests the equipment can do, and the above is the reply that our company gives to everyone.

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