AO Smith once again upgraded the electric water heater with "fast forward button"

When the electric water heater appears "maintenance required", it can "warn the alert" to the owner as soon as possible.

The American AO Smith with a brand history of 140 years, through scientific research repeated experiments and accurate tests, once again for the healthy upgrade of the electric water heater with "fast forward button"-this new product not only brings a breakthrough heating speed upgrade, but also Become a "intimate butler", can actively send maintenance tips.

Electric water heaters will "maintenance" themselves

Electric water heaters use for a long time and require maintenance. Even in areas with good water quality, the effectiveness of anode rod consumption in the inner tank of electric water heaters will be reduced. "Without timely maintenance, there will be the phenomenon of impurities in the water eroding the liner."

Ding Wei, President of AO Smith China, told reporters, "Considering this issue, AO Smith Global R & D Center has once again innovated and upgraded on the basis of the original" fast forward button ". According to reports, the new IMM liner intelligent maintenance reminder system is like a professional security guard. It can automatically set the protection strength according to the water quality of the user's home, actively release the protective ions, and neutralize with the aggressive ions in the water. In order to protect the inner liner. At the same time, the system also regularly monitors the effectiveness of anode rod consumption in the water heater to resist the risk of corrosion of the water heater's liner. At the same time, users can also use the "maintenance self-test" function to detect the protected state of the liner at any time.

The reporter learned that when there is a problem with the electric water heater, the system will send out a maintenance reminder as soon as possible. The user only needs to dial the phone and a professional will come to the door to carry out comprehensive maintenance of the water heater.

"Fast Forward Button" Technology Wins Industry Award

In addition to automatic maintenance, the hardware of AO Smith's "with fast-forward button" electric water heater itself is also very good. It is reported that this electric water heater, which integrates fast heating and heat storage, has launched a trend of "2 in 1" and "fast forward heating" in the industry. The storage type electric water heater has a long preheating time, and it is obviously not enough to take more people to take a bath; that is, the electric type electric water heater is subject to the electricity environment and the temperature, and the amount of hot water cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, whether to integrate the two heating methods of speed heating and heat storage has always been a problem faced by the water heater industry. In order to overcome this problem, the AO Smith Global R & D Center lasted three years, and had an in-depth understanding of the needs of Chinese consumers, and developed an instant / heat storage 2-in-1 electric water heater.

"The reason why it is called a water heater with a fast forward key is because of its unique rapid thermal variable capacity and MAX capacity expansion system." According to the introduction, the patented MAX rapid heating / heat storage 2-in-1 technology (patent number: ZL200820185859 .4), it can ensure the real heating of half gallbladder, and the speed of heating half gallbladder water is 5 times higher than that of the second generation products; and "MAX Capacity" with its unique heating system structure design can effectively achieve the relay heating effect, It can continuously provide hot water up to 4 times the capacity of the water heater.

With outstanding innovative technology and product strength, this water heater has won the "Science and Technology Innovation Award" of the 2014 China Home Appliances Applan Awards issued by the China Household Electrical Appliances Association, which has attracted the attention of the industry and consumers.

140 years of history, focus on R & D and become a hot water expert

The continuous upgrade of products with "fast forward button" and equipped with "with intelligent maintenance tips" proves the technical strength of AO Smith's focus on research and development. It is understood that AO Smith has set up three R & D centers around the world, aiming to build the most professional product base. Among them, the global R & D center in China now has more than 150 R & D personnel.

It is AO Smith's unremitting pursuit to provide users with high-quality water life through technological innovation. This focus has achieved the extraordinary strength of the brand today, and has also kept AO Smith in the industry's technological leadership.

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