New products look ahead: only 128 grams of the lightest three-layer jacket in history

As a company with outstanding achievements in ski equipment, DYNAFIT has also performed well in lightweight clothing in recent years. The newly unveiled Transalper 3L waterproof hard shell (officially launched in March 2015) is known for its weight of 4.5 ounces (about 128 grams). The lightest three-layered jacket, suitable for super-running, adventure competitions, mountain biking, hiking and many other outdoor activities, is a rare for those who like to challenge adventures, super runners, mountain lovers. Outdoor "suits."

DYNAFIT's Transalper 3L hard shell is tailored and trimmed. It belongs to the current popular minimalist style. It has no extra decoration, 100% polyamide fiber, PU waterproof membrane, rubberized treatment, underarm ventilation design, and connected hood.

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The biggest feature of the Transalper 3L is its lightness. The most commendable is its water resistance. The tester said that after rinsing the clothes for two minutes, the moisture on the surface of the clothes was shaken and the inside remained fairly dry.

Friends who like this dress will wait until March next year.

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